5 Effective Methods to Keep Your Laptop Cool While Gaming

Ensuring that your laptop remains cool while gaming is crucial for optimal performance. This article provides five practical and cost-effective tips to prevent overheating and maintain smooth gameplay on any laptop.

Cleaning the Laptop

Dust accumulation inside the laptop is a common cause of overheating. After a couple of years of use, it is essential to clean the internal components and remove dust particles. Dust can hinder proper airflow and cause the laptop to heat up. Cleaning the exhaust and using small brushes to clean the lid are recommended. If you’re unfamiliar with the process, you can find helpful cleaning videos on YouTube.

Investing in a Cooling Pad

Contrary to popular belief, cooling pads can be highly effective in cooling down laptops. Opt for a high-quality cooling pad that efficiently dissipates heat from the laptop through its fans. These pads work like an exhaust system, expelling hot air and maintaining lower temperatures. Consider purchasing a cooling pad with multiple fans if you have a 15 to 17-inch laptop.

Closing Unnecessary Applications

Running multiple applications in the background can lead to increased laptop heat. To prevent overheating, close any unnecessary apps and periodically refresh the laptop. Access the operating system’s task manager to close background applications that aren’t required. Additionally, only keep open the windows that are currently in use.

Applying Thermal Paste

Applying thermal paste is a commonly employed method to cool down a laptop. Some laptop manufacturers neglect to apply thermal paste, which can result in quicker overheating. The thermal paste contains chemicals that effectively dissipate heat from the GPU and CPU. Purchase a high-quality thermal paste and apply it to the GPU for optimal cooling.

Upgrading Hardware

If the previous tips haven’t resolved the overheating issue, it may indicate that your laptop is being used beyond its capacity. Consider upgrading the laptop’s hardware to improve its performance. Increasing the RAM or switching from a hard disk drive to a solid-state drive are beneficial upgrades. Upgrading to a solid-state drive not only enhances performance but also helps prevent heating and lagging problems during gaming.


These straightforward tips provide effective ways to cool down laptops while gaming. Whether you have a gaming laptop or any other type, implementing these suggestions will help maintain optimal temperatures. If you have any further questions or concerns about laptop cooling during gaming, please leave a comment below.

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