Are Gaming Laptops Good For Video Editing?

The question of whether gaming laptops are suitable for video editing is a common one. Gaming laptops often boast impressive features, including high-end dedicated graphics cards that enhance overall performance.

Indeed, gaming laptops generally possess all the necessary specifications for video editing. However, it is important to install video editing software specifically designed for gaming laptops.

When purchasing a laptop for video editing, it is crucial not to compromise on the graphics processing card. Additionally, the laptop should have a bright screen and be capable of handling demanding tasks with ease. Read on to learn more about the qualities that make gaming laptops well-suited for video editors.

Why Are Gaming Laptops Good For Video Editing?

Several factors contribute to gaming laptops being well-suited for video editing. The market offers a wide array of gaming laptops with impressive specifications, including powerful performance, ample RAM, and storage capacity.

Furthermore, gaming laptops come equipped with dedicated video editing cards, ensuring smooth performance during video editing tasks. As a result, videos can be edited within shorter time frames. Gaming laptops generally possess all the necessary specifications for video editing.

Consider the following aspects when choosing a gaming laptop for video editing:

✅ Demands for Video Editing and Gaming

The demands of gaming and video editing are quite similar. A laptop with a high screen resolution and good graphics is essential. Moreover, it is crucial to select a laptop with a smooth frame rate.

A laptop with a choppy frame rate is not ideal for video editing as it can hinder clear visual identification. Additionally, the laptop should have high-end graphics and a powerful processor. A higher frame rate provides an optimal working experience, particularly for video or photo editors.

Furthermore, when engaging in 3D rendering tasks, consider opting for a mid-range GPU. An impressive GPU will ensure smooth cutting, pasting, and skipping experiences. The laptop should feature a multi-core CPU, ample storage, high memory, and other powerful specifications to effortlessly handle demanding tasks.

✅ Broadcasting and Streaming

When purchasing a laptop for video editing, consider the right combination of specifications, particularly graphics, for broadcasting or streaming purposes. Therefore, if you plan to engage in other tasks after work, choose a laptop with a demanding GPU and CPU.

A gaming laptop with a powerful CPU ensures stable performance during additional core tasks, preventing stuttering while multitasking.

Which Hardware Is Ideal in a Laptop for Video Editing?

Have a gaming laptop at home? You can try video editing on it. Alternatively, opt for laptops with dedicated graphics cards. Note that not all laptops offer upgradable specifications, so carefully review the features before making a purchase for editing purposes.

Let’s delve into some essential laptop specifications:


The CPU is another crucial aspect to consider when purchasing a gaming laptop for video editing. It is advisable to opt for a laptop with a 10th-generation Intel Core processor, featuring exceptional onboard graphics suitable for basic-level games.


The graphics processing unit plays a vital role in effortlessly handling demanding tasks, ensuring smooth performance.

And here’s the best part: Consider opting for laptops with Vega onboard graphics. Various laptop brands offer a selection of graphics cards. Gaming laptops are an ideal choice for robust multitasking and demanding tasks. Choose between AMD Ryzen or NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards.

If you have a higher budget, the GTX 1660 Ti-equipped laptop is an excellent option, guaranteeing lag-free performance during tasks.

✅ Memory

When purchasing a laptop for video editing tasks, it is crucial to ensure an ample amount of memory. A minimum of 16 GB of RAM is recommended. Additionally, consider the possibility of upgrading the memory in the future. Laptops with 32 GB of RAM will provide even faster performance for video editing tasks. Furthermore, a laptop with an AMD Ryzen processor can significantly enhance the overall working experience.

✅ Storage

Storage is another important aspect to consider in a laptop. Opt for a laptop that offers a combination of a solid-state drive (SSD) and a hard disk drive (HDD) for optimal performance. An HDD/SSD combination allows for smooth handling of intensive editing tasks on the laptop.

While a solid-state drive provides faster speed, if you require more storage capacity, a larger HDD is recommended.

✅ The Screen

Finally, when selecting a gaming laptop for video editing, consider the screen size. The screen size will impact the price of the laptop. If affordability is a concern, opt for a screen size no larger than 15.6 inches.

Additionally, consider the refresh rate of the screen, which should be at least 60 hertz. This ensures a high-quality display and allows for a 4K resolution if desired. However, keep in mind that higher screen resolutions can increase the price tag.

Best Gaming Laptops for Video Editing

While there are numerous laptops available in the market for video editing, we recommend the following options:

  1. Acer Aspire 5 A515-56-347NSlim Laptop
  2. ASUS ROG Strix G16 (2023)
  3. Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3 15

More laptops can be found here

These laptops offer impressive specifications and features that cater to the needs of video editors. Remember to consider your specific requirements and budget when making a selection.


Gaming laptops are indeed a good choice for video editing. Their powerful performance, dedicated graphics cards, and high-quality screens make them well-suited for demanding editing tasks. By carefully considering the hardware specifications mentioned above, you can find a gaming laptop that meets your video editing needs and provides an optimal working experience.

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