How to Choose a Good Gaming Mouse Pad

Glide is generally the most critical factor to consider and it is actually a more popular expression for the quantity of friction a mouse pad’s surface offers when the mouse gets in contact with it. More glide in the mouse pad makes it possible for the mouse to slide or glide over the mat in a smooth way with greater ease and also with a lesser amount of resistance. Typically, hard mouse pads offer better glide than soft mouse pads because of their rigid and uniform surface areas.

A mouse pad’s grip refers to the amount of friction that the surface offers. Generally speaking, if you have less glide on the mouse pad, then you’ll automatically get more grip.

The degree of responsive feedback that a computer gamer receives when he moves the mouse over the mouse pad’s surface depends upon the surface material of the mouse pad. When you magnify the surface area of a mouse pad, you’ll be able to see that it is either constructed from bumps, which will be found with glass, plastic, or metallic surfaces, or weaves which can be found with cloth mouse pads. The distance between and the size of these bumps and weaves determines the level of responsive feedback that a mouse pad will provide to the gamer.

Some gamers prefer hard mouse pads for their excellent glide, while others prefer cloth mouse pads on account of the extra comfort offered by way of the soft cloth or fabric material whenever they rest their wrists upon the cloth mouse pad.

As can be seen from the above, different gamers will appreciate different things in gaming mouse pads and therefore it can be very difficult to find the perfect mouse pad from all of the best gaming mouse pads available on the market.

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