How To Select System Memory/RAM For A Gaming PC?

Most computers users understand that system memory is one of the most important components which has a direct impact on the computer’s speed and ability to run several programs together in a multi-task environment relies entirely on the amount of RAM installed in your Computer which is true not just for desktop but laptop/notebook platforms. The demand for good memory becomes more important while playing video games on your gaming computer, this is due to the fact that modern-day games are quite heavy and require large chunks of data to store in main memory to provide smooth gameplay. There are many factors that one should consider while selecting a system memory for their gaming desktop/laptop. we will explore these in the below sections.

Identify Gaming RAM From Non-Gaming

What factors differentiate gaming ram from non-gaming system memory?

Well realistically any memory can be used for gaming purposes, but practically true performance comes from higher-speed memory modules, there are many features of RAM that directly increase game performance. These factors include:

  1. Large Capacity Modules
    The number of memory modules installed on your motherboard directly affects the communication speed and it is highly recommended to only use the first two channels for your gaming machine. So a gaming PC should utilize large-size modules only e.g.; 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, etc. Secondly, High capacity memory sticks enable the user to have more memory installed in their gaming computer.
  2. Overclockable Memory
    These days we utilize DDR3 memory modules which have a maximum data transfer speed of 1600-2000MHz but you can find main memory with larger speed rates such as 2400MHz, such memory modules are rated as overclockable as they provide higher clock speeds when fine-tuned from the motherboard settings.
  3. Heat Spreader Jackets
    Another aspect of a gaming ram is that these come with a metal jacket which is meant to absorb heat energy and spread it out, heat spreaders are built in a way to face maximum airflow in your gaming case, which helps to cool down the memory sticks faster than it’s done in ordinary RAM.

How To Select System Memory/RAM For A Gaming PC?

    1. Check what the games you want to play recommend for RAM. They usually list the minimum and recommended specs. Take note of the recommended RAM capacity.
    2. Consider what your operating system needs too. Most modern gaming PCs are good with at least 8 GB, but 16 GB is better.
    3. Figure out your budget. RAM prices vary, so set a limit for what you’re willing to spend on your whole PC setup, including RAM.
    4. Choose the type of RAM you want. DDR4 is the most common and widely supported for modern gaming PCs. Make sure it matches your motherboard.
    5. Decide how much RAM you need. For most gamers, 16 GB is a good bet. If you’ve got more cash to spare or plan on multitasking or content creation, consider going for 32 GB or more.
    6. RAM speed matters a bit. Look for the maximum speed your motherboard supports and find a RAM kit that fits within that limit and your budget.
    7. Don’t stress too much about RAM latency. It’s not a huge deal for gaming, so unless you’re building a top-notch PC, just go with what’s available.
    8. Think about future upgrades. If you want room to grow, get a motherboard with extra RAM slots for easy expansion.
    9. Stick to well-known brands when buying RAM. They offer better quality, compatibility, and support.

Top Contributors in Desktop Gaming PC RAM

There are many brands that manufacture system memory but some of them are popular due to their great gaming-grade RAM memory for both desktop and laptop platforms: The best-selling gaming memory manufacturers and their successful series for desktop gaming computer includes the following:

      • Corsair Vengence/XMS3/Dominator GT
      • Kingston HyperX/Beast
      • Crucial Ballistix Sport/Elite/Tactical
      • Patriot Gamer/Viper Series
      • G. Skill Ripjaws/Sniper/Trident X
      • Adata XPG/Gaming Series
      • PNY Optima

On the other hand, the laptop/notebook gaming ram comes is a compact size, and not all the above-mentioned series are available for installation in your gaming notebook.

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