Should I Buy a Gaming Laptop or a Gaming PC? – Pros & Cons!

Should I choose a gaming laptop or a gaming PC? That’s a question many gamers ask themselves. While you can opt for either, it’s important to consider a few factors before making your final decision. Gaming laptops provide the advantage of portability that allows you to have a portable gaming device. Meanwhile, on the other hand, gaming PCs offer the potential for future efficiency. However, both PCs and laptops have their own pros and cons, which we will discuss further.

How to decide between a gaming laptop and a gaming PC?

In terms of performance, laptops have the edge due to their utilization of modern techniques. Additionally, gaming PCs boast wider screens, providing an enhanced gaming experience. However, laptops are generally preferred over gaming PCs because of their efficiency.

On the other hand, desktop PCs offer great performance but can’t quite match the capabilities of gaming laptops. In fact, gaming laptops often have more advanced functions. Apart from performance, let’s consider other factors regarding gaming laptops and PCs.


If portability is a priority for you, it’s worth noting that gaming PCs lack this feature. In contrast, gaming laptops are portable and convenient to carry around. Moreover, gaming laptops tend to offer more ports, albeit at a higher price.

Hardware Upgradability:

Upgrading laptops can be more challenging compared to gaming PCs, with limited access to update the laptop’s components. On the other hand, upgrading parts in a desktop PC is relatively easier, thanks to accessible and larger components. While some laptops can be upgraded, not all of them allow GPU upgrades.

If you prioritize having the latest specifications, gaming PCs are a good choice as they can be frequently upgraded with bigger components. This makes it easier to keep your gaming PC up to date with the latest technology.


Due to their larger size, gaming laptops offer more customization options, particularly in terms of choosing the range of RAM and CPU. Even with a limited budget, you can start with a smaller range of RAM and upgrade it in the future. Gaming PCs, on the other hand, lack this level of customization.


One of the main advantages of buying a gaming laptop is its portability. It allows you to perform tasks easily from any location, unlike a desktop that ties you to one place. This makes gaming laptops particularly popular for those who are often away from home or need to use their device while traveling or at school.

Additionally, gaming laptops are lightweight, making them easy to carry around. Modern gaming laptops come equipped with fast processors, ensuring better performance. They also offer long battery life and improved screen resolutions compared to desktop gaming PCs. Moreover, purchasing a gaming laptop eliminates the need to buy additional accessories such as microphones and keyboards that are often required with gaming PCs. Overall, gaming laptops offer greater versatility compared to gaming PCs.


Desktops, in contrast, are large and not portable at all. The major drawback of a gaming desktop is that you need to connect it to a monitor to use it. Therefore, if you frequently change positions, a gaming PC may not be the most convenient option. However, if you primarily stay in one place, a gaming PC is a suitable choice.

Gaming PCs require input and output support and typically need a separate graphics card for installation. Moreover, they offer more USB ports and connectivity options.

Advantages of Gaming Laptop:

  • Perfect for high gaming settings
  • Portable and convenient
  • Universal solution
  • Easy to carry

Disadvantages of Gaming Laptop:

  • Limited upgradability for certain parts

Advantages of Gaming PC:

  • Perfect for high gaming settings
  • Easy parts upgradeability
  • Several ports

Disadvantages of Gaming PC:

  • Not portable

Final Verdict

The decision between a gaming laptop and a gaming PC depends on your specific needs and preferences. Both options have their strengths and weaknesses. Gaming laptops offer portability and convenience, making them ideal for on-the-go gaming. They also eliminate the need for additional accessories and provide better screen resolution. However, their upgradability options are limited. On the other hand, gaming PCs excel in performance and offer easy parts upgradeability. They provide more ports and connectivity options but lack portability. Consider your priorities and circumstances to determine whether a gaming laptop or a gaming PC is the better choice for you.

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